What Makes a Good Tenant?

What Makes a Good Tenant?

Across the country, landlords have filed more than 3.6 million evictions every year. For landlords, the process can be stressful and time-consuming. One way you can potentially avoid filing an eviction is by having a good tenant.

The wrong tenant could mean damage to the property that the landlord is responsible for or hounding tenants for rent every month. Bad behavior can be stressful at least and dangerous at worst.

But what makes a good tenant? There are specific qualities that many good tenants possess, and looking for those can save landlords a future headache. Here are the qualities you want to see in a tenant.

No Relevant Criminal Record

When selecting a potential tenant, you'll want to run a background check to ensure they have no relevant criminal record. The optimal choice is one with no criminal record.

If there are prior charges, consider what they were convicted of, the severity of the offense, and the amount of offenses. Certain criminal charges may put you, other tenants, or the neighborhood in danger.

No Previous Eviction

If you're trying to avoid a future eviction, a tenant who has previously been evicted may not be the best choice. Look at an applicant's rental record to see where they've rented from and if they have ever been evicted.

Not paying rent on time, property damage, and lease violations are all common reasons for eviction. If an applicant has been evicted because of this, they're probably not the ideal tenant.

Stable Employment and Income

A good tenant pays rent on time and consistently. In order for them to do that, an applicant should have stable employment and income. Ask for proof of income and employment.

You should also take into account the income-to-rent ratio. This will ensure your tenant will have no problem paying rent each month.

Responsible and Respectful

A responsible and respectful tenant will mean a smooth lease period. The best way to do this is by asking for references and contacting them. This will be a good way to gauge if they'll be a good tenant in your property.

You can ask them if the applicant has paid rent on time and consistently. Ask how well they maintained the property and the unit. Ask if they had trouble with the neighbors or with the landlord or property management company.

You also want to ensure a potential tenant has good communication. Someone who will report issues so they can be addressed is a must.

Knowing What Makes a Good Tenant Makes Your Job Easier

There's a good chance that multiple potential tenants will apply to live in your property. Choosing the right one can save a landlord a lot of future stress and money.

Such an important decision shouldn't be taken lightly. But now that you know what makes a good tenant in the first place, you won't struggle to find the right ones for your property.

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