Roles and Responsibilities of an Association Manager in Santa Cruz, CA

Roles and Responsibilities of an Association Manager in Santa Cruz, CA

More than 74 million Americans belong to a homeowners association, according to the Foundation for Community Association Research. Community association managers play a significant role in the upkeep of a HOA. Moreover, they help beautify a community and help to increase property values.

A community association manager's responsibilities include working with vendors, resolving conflicts, and collecting dues. You will soon see why having a professional run your HOA is the best solution.

Here's more on the role of a community association manager in Santa Cruz, CA.

Working With Vendors

What is a community association manager? This person works with vendors hired by the board of directors. They carry out the duties outlined in vendor contracts.

Community association manager skills include ensuring the landscaping is done correctly. They also look after roofing contractors and trash removal.

An HOA manager must also be a good negotiator when creating vendor contracts.

A community association management team also works as a point of contact when there's an issue. For example, they take a complaint if the vendor damages the property or doesn't show up for work.

Resolving Conflicts

Community association manager duties include dealing with loud noise complaints. Parking and pets can also be a problem. Neighbors sometimes can't get along, so the HOA must step in to mediate.

A manager will have to approach members of the HOA about the by-laws to resolve conflicts and complaints. Essentially, they must keep the peace.

For example, the HOA manager must address the issue if someone is not correctly using recycling bins or littering.

Moreover, leadership must be at the forefront of community association managers' skills.

Dues Collection

A community association manager's responsibilities include collecting dues set forth by the board of directors.

Dues collection is done in several ways, including a payment portal, app, bank withdrawal, or by check. The managers make certain these systems run smoothly and efficiently.

When people choose not to pay dues or become late, the community association manager must levy fines or take legal action. They might also work with the homeowner to resolve any payment issues.

Board Meetings

Attending HOA board meetings is also in the job description of 'what is a community association manager.' Moreover, the HOA manager might also set up the board meeting and choose its location.

A manager sets up meetings and reports any problems to the board. They review any financial issues, including overdue fees, budgets, and potential financial shortcomings.

Community Association Managers: Roles and Responsibilities

The community association manager must work with vendors and resolve conflicts. In addition, they must oversee dues collection and attend board meetings. It's best to have a professional manager handle these responsibilities in your community.

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